Thank you to the partner of Educate Girls Network (EGN), Tubman University (TU) in Harper, Liberia, who has produced a video to promote the voices of our scholars. In this communication, the four EGN female students speak of the impact that the EGN scholarship had on their higher education.

In the current academic year 2021 -2022, EGN’s work continues. We are providing a total of seven scholarships to female students. Five scholars are in the Education College and two are studying Nursing in the Health & Science College at TU.

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Watch this video, “Voices of EGN Scholars at Tubman University” produced by William V.S.Tubman University Public & Media Relations Department.

To watch our video click here.

What is the Impact? What Needs to be Done?

The Educate Girls Network (EGN) Scholarships has made an enormous difference in people life. Thanks to the generosity of the donors and network friends, EGN was able to help female students from less advantaged backgrounds by opening the door to a transformative education and giving them the opportunity to thrive.

Currently, the Educate Girls Network is working to raise funds to cover the cost of the scholarships for the EGN scholars for the coming academic year 2021-2022, starting in September 2021.

Join us to support the EGN initiative!

By making a donation of 30$, you can help to create more life-changing for female students at Tubman University. You can donate direct through GoFundMe “Help Liberia Girls become Teachers” or contact us at

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Photos by Rosio Godomar, Liberia, 2010

Their Dreams are Our Dreams

Educate Girls Network (EGN) is very proud to celebrate the achievements of the EGN scholars ANGELINE, OPHELIA and NYEMADE who graduated at Tubman University on 12 June 2021.

EGN has made significant impact in the lives of these young women, and they are going to impact the schools’ systems in the communities in the counties in South East Liberia.

Join us to work together and support sustainable education. “If you educate a girl, you educate a family, and develop a nation.” Other female students need our support to continue their higher education at Tubman University. You can donate directly through GoFundMe “Help Liberia Girls become Teachers” or contact us at

Educate Girls Network Scholar Graduation Photos. Congratulations to all of them!! Special thanks to Theresa Flomo-Nyeka for the photos.

Conversation with Angeline Teaway

It is very exciting for us at Educate Girls Network to celebrate the achievements of Angeline Teaway, an EGN scholar who is a nursing student at Tubman University in Harper City, Maryland County, Liberia. We were able to have a conversation with her recently.

AngelinaWhen did you receive your scholarship?
I received the scholarship letter in 2018, which was the first semester of the school year 2017/18. I studies in the Health and Science College (Nursing program).

How has the scholarship benefited you?
The scholarship has benefited me in so many ways. As a child from a single mother who was unable to pay my fees at the University, the scholarship has made it possible for me to get a quality education and fulfill my dreams. Because of this scholarship I am also one step closer to fulfilling my dreams. 

How has the COVID-19 affected you and your studies?
The world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently COVID-19 has upset everything, my studies included. I have not seen this before. So, I am very confused; I hope it ends soon so life can return to normal.

How many more years, do you need to study to finish your nursing studies in the Science and Health College ?
As a second semester junior student at the University, I need one more year to finally end my studies. 

Any message to our network friends or to the donors?
My message to the donors of Educate Girls Network is to say a very big thank you for allowing me to be one of the recipients of the scholarship. Because of this scholarship I am about to achieve my goal. Thanks to the donors of Educate Girls Network who continue to support girls’ education.

Conversation with Tresa Dalieh

Ms. Tresa Dalieh is a former Educate Girls Network scholar from the Health TresaDand Science College at Tubman University in Harper City, Maryland County, Liberia. She graduated in June 2018 and is currently working as a volunteer registered nurse at the J.J. Dossen Hospital in Harper City. Our network is so proud of Tresa for following her dreams and becoming a nurse. Here is a recent conversation we had with her.

When did you receive your scholarship? 
Tresa: I joined the Educate Girls Network on September 16, 2016. It was the first semester of the academic year 2016/2017 and I was with EGN for two years (4 semesters).

How has the scholarship benefited you?
Tresa: The EGN scholarship benefited me a lot in my studies. EGN has paid both tuition and university fees for me that enabled me to continue my studies while I was not financially able to pay for myself. The scholarship enabled me to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse, because my tuition and fees were paid until my graduation. This is unlike other scholarships where donors only pay tuition for their scholar’s students.

How has the COVID-19 affected you and your studies? 
Tresa: The pandemic has affected me in such a way that I have to walk from the hospital to my house every night due to lack of transport because of the lockdown. Since COVID 19 started we have not received any confirmed cases in the J.J. Dossen Hospital. Preventive measures are being put into place including hand washing, wearing a mask by everybody entering the hospital and observing social distance. Everyone is adhering to these measures and it’s working gradually. 

Tresa2Do you have any message for our Network friends or to our donors?
First of all, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to EGN friends and donors for the great support they have given to me during my stay at Tubman University. I very much appreciate the sponsorship and it was a great help to me.

Do you have any plans for the future?
I hope in the near future to get a permanent job with the Ministry of Health in Harper. I would also like to continue further studies, perhaps to do a Master’s degree in Nursing or Public Health.


Today we are facing an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on the health of our people, the health of the global economy, and the way we live our daily lives.

In efforts to limit the spread of the virus, schools and univeresities around the world are closing, forcing students out of their classrooms. The Liberian government has closed all schools, and additionally, Tubman University is closed. But do not forget, we still need to support female students during this uncertain time.


Educate Girls Network is continuing to support and will continue to support  girls’ education at Tubman University (TU) in Maryland County, Liberia.

Please join us in our initiative. You can donate directly through our fundraising page at GoFundMe called, “Help Liberian Girls Become teachers”. You can also contact us at educ8girls .







Importance of Girls’ Education

People often ask why I started the Educate Girls Network.

When I was growing up in Peru, I was inspired by life-changing educational opportunities. Having experienced and then seen how young women struggle to obtain an education in both Peru and in Liberia, I wanted to do the same for Liberian girls.

Amazing Achievements

Thanks to all of our donors for their generous donations, which has helped Educate Girls Network provide scholarships to six female students at Tubman University in the present academic year, 2019-2020. Welcome to EGN’s scholars!

  1. Ophelia N. Toe – (future teacher studying in the Education College)
  2. Nita Tarchee – (future teacher studying in the Education College)
  3. Nyemady K Freedman – (future teacher studying in the Education College)
  4. Harrietta B. Davies – (future teacher studying in the Education College)
  5. Angeline P. Teaway (future nurse registered in the Health and Science College)
  6. Abigail Tarwily (future nurse registered in the Health and Science College)

All the EGN scholars come from very poor villages in the surrounding rural areas of Maryland, Grand Kru and River Gee Counties in the southeast of Liberia. We want to wish to all of them good luck in their studies and in achieving their dreams to have higher education.

Please join us and support our initiative! Your contributions will make a difference – that’s guaranteed. You can donate directly through GoFundMe Help Liberian Girls become Teachers or contact us at







Photo courtesy of Theresa Flomo-Nyeka, Harper City, Maryland County, Liberia


Thanks to Network Friends

Thanks to every one of you 14 fantastic network friends who have contributed to our initiative so far, with their direct donations through GoFundMe.


Student groupingWith your support, we were able to raise 86% of the requirement to provide scholarships to more girls to continue their high education at Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County in Liberia, West Africa.

We are working hard to raise more funds to reach 100% of our goal, so more girls can receive a scholarship at Tubman University. Encourage your friends to join us and support our initiative. Your contributions will make a difference – that’s guaranteed. 


You can donate through our GoFundMe page “Help Liberian Girls Become Teachers” or contact us via our email address educ8girls @

Dreams Turned Into Reality

Great news from the Tubman University in Liberia! Among recent graduates were two young women who had scholarships from EGN.

Congratulations to EGN scholars Sabeh M. W. Tejeleh and Tresa T. Dalieh for their achievements. We are very proud of both of them. EGN has provided scholarships for both these female students and on June 20, 2018 they graduated, one becoming a teacher and one becoming a nurse. And a big thank you to all network friends and donors for their support!

“There is light after the storm, this world is mine, because my tomorrow must be greater than today.unnamed TU graduate

Please continue to support our initiative. Other girls also need our support. You can donate directly through GOFUNDME’s “Help Liberian Girls become Teachers” or contact us at




*Graduation Photos by Sabeh M. W. Tejeleh and Roland Collins