EGN Recipients


Educate Girls Network is proud to announce a new recipient of the EGN scholarship. Angelline P. Teaway, from the town of Garraway Beach in Grand Kru County, was awarded a partial scholarship this academic year of 2017-18 to study Nursing in the College of Health Science. She is in her second year and expects to finalize her studies in two more years. Congratulations to Angelline. We hope she achieves her dream to become a nurse and help her community.


The three scholars have finished their academic year and EGN is looking forward to another successful one. Francillia will graduate from her education program in 2018 with a degree in guidance and counselling. After her graduation, she wishes to serve her community in Liberia.

Saybeh will continue her studies in the College of Education at Tubman University and she plans  to graduate in 2019.  She has worked very hard in the face of some obstacles to be able to continue her studies. 

Tresa is continuing her nursing studies and will graduate in 2019.

nursing_student_photoTresa T. Dalieh was awarded an EGN scholarship to continue her studies in the nursing program in the College of Health at Tubman University. She has thanked all network friends for taking care of her tuition and fees. A warm welcome to Tresa to the Educate Girls Network family!

Francillia Williams, recipient of the Educate Girls Network scholarship, is now in the Francillia_May2016_3second semester of her second academic year. The teacher training program in Education College of Tubman University is a three year program.

Network friend Charles Kokoyah from WFP Liberia met Francillia in May to encourage the continuation of her studies. She expressed appreciation for the scholarship and graciously requested our continued support until finished her studies to become a teacher.


EGN will need donor support to continue Francillia’s education through her final year. Please contact us at


This January, Francillia K. Williams continued studying the second semester of her second year, as recipient of the EGN scholarship at Tubman University. She achieved a high GPA in her studies to become a secondary school counsellor through the College of Education at TU.

EGN is working to generate more funds, in order to be able to provide further scholarship for women of this region who aspire to become teachers. We need your support to extend the scholarship to other female students for the next academic year, 2016-17.


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