Mission of Educate Girls Network

“When I was growing up in Peru I was inspired by life-changing educational opportunities. I would like to do the same for Liberian girls.” Rosio Godomar, former Senior Programme Officer, World Food Programme

The Educate Girls Network (EGN) grew out of the insights Rosio gained from her international development work, and from her selfless quest to pay it forward – to inspire a new generation of young women to reach their potential and to mentor others.

IMG_6252The mission of the EGN is to fundraise and financially support the training of female teachers in Liberia, a nation in which girls still lag behind boys in enrollment, retention and completion rates at all levels of education.

EGN specifically supports girls in the remote rural areas called River Gee and Maryland Counties located in south-eastern Liberia who will complete their teacher education at the William V.S. Tubman University in Harper City, Maryland County.

There is a convincing case that the level of education attainment overall, for boys and girls, will improve when the number of female teachers grows to equal that of male teachers.

The purpose of this blog is to build awareness surrounding the access to education around the world, to build the case for specifically educating females as teachers in Liberia, Africa and to update any interested readers on the work of and challenges facing the EGN as fundraising sources are explored.

Educate Girls Network invites anyone and everyone to donate to this important cause.