How to Donate

The majority of the funding comes from individual donors and by selling greeting cards showcasing photos taken by the founder of EGN. Most of our donors live in Vancouver, BC, Canada with strong support from several other countries such as France. Most have never met each other, but there is a strong networking and willingness to support this initiative.

The founding donation of $1000 to EGN by two grade 9 students from Delta, BC, Canada.

How do I know that my scholarship funds are being used properly?

Each academic semester, the EGN will update donors and network friends with the University’s original letter of acknowledgement, a financial report documenting how the funds were spent and with the academic progress of the EGN recipients. Both TU and EGN require documentation of all payments made with scholarship funds. You can be confident that our Liberian recipient is benefiting directly from her scholarship award.

Direct Donations Through GOFUNDMEVisit our GOFUNDME crowdfunding page called, “Help Liberian Girls Become Teachers”.

Contact us: Contact EGN at with your questions or clarifications about donating to our good cause.

Thank you. Remember together we can change people’s lives!