Conversation with Angeline Teaway

It is very exciting for us at Educate Girls Network to celebrate the achievements of Angeline Teaway, an EGN scholar who is a nursing student at Tubman University in Harper City, Maryland County, Liberia. We were able to have a conversation with her recently.

AngelinaWhen did you receive your scholarship?
I received the scholarship letter in 2018, which was the first semester of the school year 2017/18. I studies in the Health and Science College (Nursing program).

How has the scholarship benefited you?
The scholarship has benefited me in so many ways. As a child from a single mother who was unable to pay my fees at the University, the scholarship has made it possible for me to get a quality education and fulfill my dreams. Because of this scholarship I am also one step closer to fulfilling my dreams. 

How has the COVID-19 affected you and your studies?
The world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently COVID-19 has upset everything, my studies included. I have not seen this before. So, I am very confused; I hope it ends soon so life can return to normal.

How many more years, do you need to study to finish your nursing studies in the Science and Health College ?
As a second semester junior student at the University, I need one more year to finally end my studies. 

Any message to our network friends or to the donors?
My message to the donors of Educate Girls Network is to say a very big thank you for allowing me to be one of the recipients of the scholarship. Because of this scholarship I am about to achieve my goal. Thanks to the donors of Educate Girls Network who continue to support girls’ education.


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