What is the Impact? What Needs to be Done?

The Educate Girls Network (EGN) Scholarships has made an enormous difference in people life. Thanks to the generosity of the donors and network friends, EGN was able to help female students from less advantaged backgrounds by opening the door to a transformative education and giving them the opportunity to thrive.

Currently, the Educate Girls Network is working to raise funds to cover the cost of the scholarships for the EGN scholars for the coming academic year 2021-2022, starting in September 2021.

Join us to support the EGN initiative!

By making a donation of 30$, you can help to create more life-changing for female students at Tubman University. You can donate direct through GoFundMe “Help Liberia Girls become Teachers” or contact us at educ8girls@gmail.com

Please share this info with your friends.

Photos by Rosio Godomar, Liberia, 2010


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