Help EGN Achieve their Goals

Time is running out to earn the funding necessary to pay the tuition fees for our three scholarship recipients, Francillia, Saybeh and Tresa. EGN requires $2000 for the next academic year, starting in September of 2017.

Our mission is to fundraise and financially support training of female teachers in Liberia, a nation in which girls still lag behind boys in enrollment, retention and completion rates all levels of education.

liberian_teacherEGN specifically supports girls in the remote areas of River Gee and Maryland counties located in southern Liberia who will complete their teacher education at the William V.S. Tubman University in Harper City, Maryland County.

There is a convincing case that increasing the level of education overall, for boys and girls, will provide a better standard of living for families. The positive effect on families and communities is even more pronounced when the number of female teachers grows to equal that of male teachers. Liberia is still facing many constraints in education: lack of female teaching staff, poor infrastructure, funding and resources for education in Liberia.

We want to invite all our network friends to donate to this important cause. together we can change people life. Please contact us at


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