Their Dreams are Our Dreams

Educate Girls Network (EGN) is very proud to celebrate the achievements of the EGN scholars ANGELINE, OPHELIA and NYEMADE who graduated at Tubman University on 12 June 2021.

EGN has made significant impact in the lives of these young women, and they are going to impact the schools’ systems in the communities in the counties in South East Liberia.

Join us to work together and support sustainable education. “If you educate a girl, you educate a family, and develop a nation.” Other female students need our support to continue their higher education at Tubman University. You can donate directly through GoFundMe “Help Liberia Girls become Teachers” or contact us at

Educate Girls Network Scholar Graduation Photos. Congratulations to all of them!! Special thanks to Theresa Flomo-Nyeka for the photos.


Educate Girls Network Fundraising via GOFUNDME

Please support our new fundraising campaign through the crowdfunding site GOFUNDME. With your support, the EGN will be able to provide scholarships to continue to support our current scholarship recipients and to give opportunity to other girls in need of better lives.

We wish to raise $2,500USD for September 2017, as the next academic year will start then. A full scholarship costs $1,000USD per year; it covers tuition, fees, and room and board. A partial scholarship covers tuition and fees and costs $400USD.

Francillia will graduate from the education program in 2018 with a degree in guidance and counseling. After her graduation, she wishes to serve her community.

Saybeh will continue her studies in the College of Education at Tubman University, and she plans to graduate 2019. She has worked very hard in the face of some obstacles to be able to continue her studies.

Tresa was awarded an EGN scholarship to pursue her education in the nursing program at Tubman University. She has thanked all network friends for taking care of her tuition and fees. Tresa is continuing her nursing studies and will graduate in 2019.

Remember that together we can change peoples’ lives. You can donate directly through GOFUNDME, or for further information, email us at

About the Education of Girls

“The education of girls is to become a ‘cornerstone’ of development in Liberia.” Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia

Girl_Pineapple_circle_focus_brddWith 121 million boys and girls out of school in the world, why focus on educating girls? Education, after all, is associated with the improvement of all aspects of human development for both genders.

In most of the developed world, virtually every boy and girl will complete primary school and most of secondary school with no statistical gender difference. In Canada, according to the United Nations Development Programme, half of all students will complete over 15 years of education in their lifetimes.

According to the UN’s 2015 report on the Millennium Development Goals, half the nations where gender disparity remains a problem are located in Sub-Saharan Africa. Half of the out-of-school girls there are unlikely to ever enter school, compared to 37% of boys. Regarding secondary education, 74% of all developing countries had not achieved gender parity by 2012. Only Western Asia had an equal number of girls and boys attending post-secondary education.

This disparity is reflected in Liberia, where the Educate Girls Network is working. Adult literacy rates outside the capital, Monrovia, reflect this, as only 33 percent of women are literate compared with 60 percent of men.

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